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Practice Planning & Game Preparation (Making Strides Episode 1)

Welcome to the online roundtable series Making Strides. Our debut episode brings together two winning high school football coaches to discuss practice planning and game preparation. Participants: Ryan Goddard, Head Football Coach, Pueblo South High School (Colorado) Jake Novotny, Head Football Coach, Fort Carson High School (Colorado) Hosts: Brian Vecchio, Stride Justin Armour, Stride Segments: “Take us through a typical week.” […]

Shift To Normal

Now’s the time to plan your shift to normal. State and local officials are ending COVID-19 restrictions in many areas across the country. Hard hit states in the Northeast, for example, are announcing a full reopening starting Memorial Day and sooner. Several athletic programs currently have to navigate shortened seasons. Fewer competitions are taking place. In many instances, tough restrictions […]

A Plan That Works

Coming Up With A Plan That Works Everyone eventually asks, “What’s the plan, coach?” Sometimes it’s the athlete at a team meeting. Other times it might be the supervisor behind closed doors. Usually it’s the coach reflecting in moments of uncertainty. Imagine the athletic season as a journey. A lot can happen as you make your way—all sorts of surprises. […]

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