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The Brave New World of High School Sports

Months after Covid-19 shutdowns overturned our lives, people continue to ask big questions. What’s normal supposed to look like? Which trends are here to stay? In the world of high school athletics, the answers to these questions will prove critical over the coming years. Two trends in particular point to major shifts on the playing field: tighter financial conditions and […]

Coach Athlete Relationship

One Coach’s Impact An old friend described a large celebration he attended for a former college coach, or simply “Coach.” Coach’s story and the event go something like this: Over his twelve years at the school, Coach wins both the league championship and national championship. He completely rebuilds the program. Suddenly and unexpectedly, he departs. He joins his wife, who […]

Shift To Normal

Now’s the time to plan your shift to normal. State and local officials are ending COVID-19 restrictions in many areas across the country. Hard hit states in the Northeast, for example, are announcing a full reopening starting Memorial Day and sooner. Several athletic programs currently have to navigate shortened seasons. Fewer competitions are taking place. In many instances, tough restrictions […]

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