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Overzealous Parenting In Sports

You know you’ve been to a great conference when you can speak freely. An open airing of grievances—as George Costanza proposed in a memorable Seinfeld episode—can be cathartic. The Stride team recently attended the 52nd National Athletic Directors Conference and Exhibit Show, and we were fortunate to share stories with dozens of folks from across the country. One stress point that […]

All the Wrong Communication

A Lesson In All The Wrong Communication The kind of day we often hear about: A high school student gets on the bus for school. She opens her TikTok app, and watches videos that her friends are sharing. She still hasn’t gotten to Coach’s message. The night before, he texted the team a link to a video showing a new […]

Not All Sports Are Different

We once heard from a ski coach how the strength and conditioning director at one university designed the same program for the ice hockey team as for the downhill ski racing team. Our friend highlighted how similar the two sports are not just in power and speed, but in endurance. Each one requires roughly 60 seconds of intense exertion, about […]

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