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Coach Athlete Relationship

One Coach’s Impact An old friend described a large celebration he attended for a former college coach, or simply “Coach.” Coach’s story and the event go something like this: Over his twelve years at the school, Coach wins both the league championship and national championship. He completely rebuilds the program. Suddenly and unexpectedly, he departs. He joins his wife, who […]

All the Wrong Communication

A Lesson In All The Wrong Communication The kind of day we often hear about: A high school student gets on the bus for school. She opens her TikTok app, and watches videos that her friends are sharing. She still hasn’t gotten to Coach’s message. The night before, he texted the team a link to a video showing a new […]

From Zero To NIL: Impact On Amateur Sports

For years college athletes contested schools profiting from their name, image and likeness (NIL). Universities and the NCAA countered that scholarships and preferential admissions afforded athletes a special status, which included among many other benefits introductions to employment opportunities after graduation. Then came social media‚Äôs whirlwind ascent. In short order, athletes garnered tens and hundreds of thousands of followers. No […]

The Athlete’s Voice

Appreciating The Athlete’s Voice Picture yourself at the practice field, coaching. You’re leading an intensive cardio workout. Athletes sprint back and forth; quick bursts followed by longer ones. Faces show pain, determination, even fear. Others (most) are impassive. Some athletes shout, grunt, or urge each other on. After practice you catch a few people and ask how it went. You […]

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