What is a Sports Learning Management System?

We do for sports what Learning Management Systems (LMSes) do for the classroom. We support, improve, and measure how coaches and athletes work together.

Stride provides the same benefits as a classroom LMS in cost savings, risk management, flexibility, outcomes, and insight.

Stride also has features that mirror Student Information Systems (SISes), staff evaluation software, compliance systems, and communication systems.

We do all of this on one platform.

How does Stride save time?

We organize your daily tasks, your planning, and how you interact with people on one platform.

We are your 24/7 assistant. We help you find exactly what you need in an instant. We provide a framework to make decisions. We help you ask the right questions. 

How much time does Stride require?

Very little. From drop down menus to narrow character limits, we’ve built time-saving, intuitive tools that keep you in-”stride” with your busy day. Use Stride however you prefer—on your phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop.

Does Stride work for an old-school coach like me?

Absolutely. We recognize that for every supervisor and coach immersed in technology, many more approach sports as people have forever. We keep you organized, informed and prepared for real-life interaction. And when you do what matters most to you, we stand back.

When you use Stride, you feel as if you're gong through your daily routine. You use familiar terms and follow steps you normally take. Everything you do leads to better outcomes for you and your athletes.

Does Stride only serve some sports?

No. Stride serves all sports and levels of competition.

Is Stride just for big organizations?

No. Stride is fully scalable. It can work with any sport and any size organization. Stride simply requires three types of users: supervisor, coach and athlete. Users decide how much structure and detail make sense for a team and its level of play.

Does Stride limit creativity in coaching?

No. Coaches follow easy steps that organize everyday routines: planning a practice, taking attendance, assessing performance. We leave the detail up to you. Add your interpretation, experience and imagination to get the most from everyone.

We then capture what you do, keep your information safe, and support you making even smarter, more creative decisions.

Does Stride support video and sport-specific apps?

Stride stops when you begin a practice or competition. It picks back up again once you finish. Whatever you capture in-between you can upload in Stride and share with other coaches.

Any videos and images that you add to athlete assessments establish an important, interactive timeline.

Think of Stride as a roadmap/travel log guiding, assisting, and recording your journey. Video and sport-specific apps take detailed snapshots along your way.

How could Stride help in athlete recruiting?

Stride's Athlete Transcript provides meaningful perspective.

Recruiting apps typically showcase highlights, not the daily grind. The Athlete Transcript measures what happens away from the highlight film. It focuses on character, "coachability" and work ethic.

Is my data safe?

Yes. We store data on secure FERPA compliant servers. Customers control user data. Stride does not rent or sell user data.

Who are Stride’s customers and end users?

Stride's customers are schools, school districts, colleges, universities, and sports clubs. Stride's end users are supervisors (ADs, executive directors, etc), coaches, athletes, and parents.

How do I sign up?

Stride operates as a B2B platform. A sport supervisor (athletic director, compliance officer, performance director, administrator) engages the service on behalf of a high school, college or sports club.


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