Who is a Supervisor?

A supervisor is anyone who oversees an organization or performs duties on an organizational level. Examples include athletic director, sports administrator, performance director, compliance officer, operations director, and executive director.

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Watch video for how to use the mobile app.


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Build Your Organization

We suggest that you introduce Stride to a small group of coaches and athletes before making it available to the entire organization. Because Stride is immediately interactive, you will want to familiarize yourself with its functionality.

Watch video for how to use the web app.

Add coaches, athletes and other supervisors either one-by-one or in groups using the file import feature.

Log in to the Stride web app at mystrideapp.com.

From the web app (image below), select teams, staff and athletes. You can add and organize documents as well. File imports require specific formatting.

IMPORTANT! Each row in the file that you upload creates a new user. A new user automatically receives a welcome email. If your file import lists 100 people, then 100 emails go out.

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Manage Your Organization

Adjust basic organization information on the mobile app:



Phone Number

Color scheme

1. From the mobile app dashboard, tap the gear icon in the upper left corner.

2. Select “Edit Organization Information.” You can also add two-factor authentication and change your password.

3. Make adjustments including altering the color scheme.

Other actions you perform from your dashboard:

√ Review attendance

√ Review countable hours

√ Connect to team pages, chat rooms and rosters

√ Add staff

√ Add athletes

√ Create coaching reports

√ Download athlete transcripts

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