What the Coach Does in Stride

We suggest that you introduce Stride to a small group of athletes initially before making it available to your entire team.

Stride is immediately interactive. Your athletes view every team action that you take, for example adding a practice, event or competition to the calendar.

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Easy Way To Get Athletes To Sign In

Simple Steps

Don’t expect your athletes to read their welcome emails or find time to sign into Stride? Here’s what you do:

1. At a team meeting, either share the download links (App Store here or Google Play here) or simply have them search for “Stride: Win Your Way” on their phones.

2. Explain their login credentials.

  • Username: whatever email address you assigned to each person.
  • Password: graduating year + zip code, as explained in the next column.

3. Ask them to change their password after logging in.

Athlete Password

We assign the same password format to all athletes:

Graduating or Class Year + Organization Zip Code

Coaches and Supervisors indicate graduating or class year when adding an athlete.

202420500 (Class of ’24 at Zip Code 20500)

Create a Practice

Create a practice from your mobile app dashboard. Add as much (or little) detail as is necessary.

Web App

1. On your home page, select the “+Create” button.

2. Complete the required fields: Team, Practice Title, Date, Start Time, Duration, Goal, Type, and Squad.

Description, Timeline, Location, and Media are optional. You can hide practice details from parents, make the practice recurring, and save it as a template.

Mobile App

1. On the dashboard, tap “Create a New Practice.”


2. Add Practice Name and Description. We suggest that you be consistent in naming practices to simplify searching for and filtering practices later on. Name example: “Wednesday Practice.” Description example: “Easy warm-up followed by skills and drills.”

3. Choose Training Modules, Activities, and Training Intensity. Modules and activities vary by sport,

4. Set the Goal. At this point you can save the practice as a Template. Goal example: “Faster turnaround.”

5. Choose Practice Type. We list four types of practices. If you were to schedule a practice during a season that concludes in your league championship, then you would select in-season/championship. If you were to schedule a practice during a time period that is not a vacation or out-of-season, then you would select in-season/non-championship: fall softball, for example, or spring football.

6. Choose Squad. If you select less than a full squad, Stride has you indicate individual participants either by position, tier or name. The practice will only appear in the calendars of athletes whom you expect to take part.

7. Add to Calendar, save as a Template, or Start Now.

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Record a Practice

Go to your practice fully prepared. Evaluate it in a snap.

1. From your dashboard, select “Start Today’s Practice.”


2. Take attendance. Next tap “Begin Practice.” You can decide whether to time modules. Stride does not otherwise factor into the practice itself.

3. Send athletes a quick survey for feedback on the practice right away or later.

4. To assess a practice, select “Practice Assessment” from the task list on your dashboard.

5. Assess athletes on their performance. Add media files. Review attendance if athletes come late or leave early.

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Add Athletes to Your Team

Control who’s on your team directly from your phone.

Important! Each new athlete who is added to the organization automatically receives a welcome email with instructions to log in and download the app.

Want to add athletes in bulk? Use the file import feature on the web app.

1. Tap “View Roster” and select “Add New Team Member.”


2. On the “Add an Athlete” page, create a new team member.


3. Complete the form by adding name, DOB, email, and class year. You can also add position.

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