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Set Goals

Set short-term and long-term goals.

Coaches view and support your goals. Stride checks your progress each day on short-term goals, and once-a-week on long-term goals. After achieving a goal, set a new one.

1. On the dashboard, tap “+Add New” in short-term and long-term goals.

2. Name the goal and add a brief description. You may add up to five short-term and long-term goals each.

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Add a Voluntary Workout

Record personal workouts that are separate from team or coach-mandated practices.

1. Tap “+Add New” Voluntary Workout at the bottom of your dashboard.

2. The next screen displays a quick response form. Complete the form. You can choose to share the workout with your coaches and teammates.

3. If you choose to share the workout, Stride has you confirm that you are doing so on your own accord. This step applies to athletes following NCAA guidelines on voluntary workouts. If you are a high school or club athlete, or an athlete using this feature for virtual training, ask your coach about any sharing restrictions.

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