Checks and Balances

We take user privacy and data security seriously. Stride supports a trusted environment and the safe interaction of each person in an organization.

We don’t sell or rent user information. We process user information, safeguard it on the customer’s behalf, and offer tools for analysis.

The customer (school district, university, sports club) owns user data and is responsible for whatever content coaches, supervisors and athletes add to the platform.

Two levels of oversight protect how athletes use Stride. At the team level, coaches monitor team members. A layer above, the supervisor also monitors athletes, in addition to coaches and their interactions with athletes.

Athlete personal information and onboarding

What we require:

  • Name. A supervisor and coach can edit name if needed.
  • Class Year. We use class year to help supervisors and coaches manage rosters.
  • Email. We use the email address as the user’s identifier. Email is unique to the organization.

Optional information:

  • Height. Added by athlete.
  • Weight. Added by athlete.
  • Date of Birth. Added by coach.

Creating athlete accounts. A supervisor or coach adds athletes, either one at a time or in bulk by uploading a spreadsheet. Athletes automatically receive welcome emails indicating that the supervisor or coach (by name) has added them to the platform. The welcome email instructs the new user how to download the mobile app (Play Store or App Store). An athlete cannot log into the mobile app without the supervisor or coach first creating an account.

Adding athletes to teams. A coach or supervisor adds the athlete to a team (defined by sport and gender). A team includes all tiers: V, JV, 3V, etc. An athlete—as with a coach—can be added to any number of teams. A coach assigns a position and tier to the athlete; both are editable.

Privacy and data security for all users

Stride complies with the following assurance programs:

  • SOC1/ISAE3402,SOC2,SOC3
  • PCI DSS Level 1
  • ISO 9001, ISO 27001, ISO 27017, ISO 27018

We store data in encrypted databases and use TLS/SSL encryption for data in motion and transit.

Two-Factor Authentication protects both the user’s credentials and resources that the user accesses.

Stride also complies with many data protection acts and regulations, including

  • Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act Regulations (FERPA)
  • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  • Breach Laws
  • Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA)
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