You Accelerate Performance

For athletes, small gains matter. The work you put in every day is what adds up to the big win, a championship season or even a scholarship. With Stride, you set daily and weekly goals. You track your progress. You accomplish even more.

Teams that use Stride challenge themselves. Team members hold themselves accountable each day throughout the entire season. They reach their goals.

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You Improve Mental Health

Guide yourself in your own terms. Write down and process thoughts away from the social media fishbowl. Learn to manage anxiety, stress, and feelings of separation. Discover how your outlook affects your team experience, and ways to improve it.

You Own Your Success

Our collaborative environment empowers you. Contribute to the team’s overall development and success. Surveys and automated feedback mechanisms teach you how to share ideas and assess performance. Understand more about what goes into your athletic journey.

You Build Your Athletic Resume

We make it easy for you to keep track of all of the hard work you put in as an athlete, just as you do as a student. Record workouts that you do away from the team during the off-season, holidays or even when you’re in-season. Share these workouts with coaches and teammates.


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