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You lead as a mentor, instructor, teacher, and coach. Stride brings together the people, tools and information necessary to build and maintain a stronger, safer and more successful programs.

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Hello, Leader/Mentor!

Good chance this is your typical day:

  • You use some combination of pen and paper, Microsoft Office, or Google Drive to organize your day.
  • You have almost no time to sit down with each team member on a regular basis.
  • Only a handful of individuals keep journals and share them with you.
  • You worry about whether team members read your emails and text messages.

How Stride improves your day:

  • You and your team members arrive prepared and on the same page.
  • You and your team members finish your time together understanding how you need to improve.
  • You and your team members measure progress against written goals.
  • Team messaging and feedback loops make communication easier.

You Strengthen Relationships

Great leaders and mentors understand that forming meaningful relationships with their students and team members contributes directly to performance. We support productive relationships among leaders and team members.

You Create Informed Voices

We build awareness and trust. Individuals don’t always make themselves understood. Team environments can be complicated. Our features support personal growth and improve how individuals express themselves.

You Support Independent Work

Capacity constraints, vacations, or simple preferences impact team and group configurations. We support individuals working on their own and contributing to team success. You focus everyone on the task at hand.

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