Lessons for Life

My name is Sydney Williams. I’m the founder and CEO of Stride.

People often ask me, “How did you come up with the idea for Stride?”

In a word—Coaches—folks who’ve mentored and inspired me.

If you think about the most influential people in your life, many of us would add a coach to the list.

You and a coach spend a lot of time together. You work hard for common goals, overcome disappointment, and share in success.

You find inspiration in each other. You learn to push past limits.

I realized, however, that nothing out there captures how coaches and athletes relate to each other.

And you can’t have a productive athletic experience without a healthy coach-athlete relationship.

So I created Stride.

Stride supports, improves, and measures how coaches and athletes interact. Our tools make better coaches, better athletes, and stronger, safer programs.

We define Stride as a journaling and learning management system for sports and extracurricular activities.

As we grew Stride, we realized that a coach could be a band director, theater director, or a robotics teacher.

We’re all about the mentor-student relationship.

We structure the workflow that goes into bringing students from the locker room, studio, and classroom to the playing field, recital hall, and auditorium.

Our features include:

√ Practice Plans

√ Drill Libraries

√ Assessments

√ Feedback

√ Calendars

√ Communication

Mentors and students write down and measure goals.

They become time efficient.

They hold themselves accountable.

Students go further. They learn:

√ Self-dependence

√ Social awareness

√ Motivation

They use journaling features to solve problems.


Curriculum for Extracurriculars.

Lessons for Life.

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