Curriculum For Sports

Scale Stride to fit your organization exactly: whatever its size, however many sports, and any level of play, from novice to elite.

  • Centralized Information
  • Practice Plans
  • Drill Libraries
  • Goal Setting
  • Feedback Loops
  • Remote Training
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Communication
  • Scheduling

Athletes track progress and reach goals.

Coaches save valuable time and flatten learning curves.

ADs and administrators improve decision-making.

Parents view student information with one click.

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Oversight & Reporting

Find what you need in one place!

For Supervisors
  • Coach assessment and feedback tools
  • Easy management of staff and team rosters
  • An entire platform built to support SafeSport and user privacy

Training & Direction

Organize your time, get more done!

For Coaches
  • Scalable practice plans that you share with the team
  • Easy organization of training videos and assessments
  • Effective communication and consistent feedback

Goals & Feedback

Discover just how far you can go

For Athletes
  • A virtual training journal that provides a clear development path
  • Goal-setting and consistent feedback to accelerate progress
  • Ability to share off-season and voluntary workouts

Lessons For Life

Athletes spend more time with a coach than any one teacher. Many athletes will recall a coach among the most influential people in their lives.

Outside influences, peer pressure, and feelings of isolation strain today’s athletes more than ever before.

Stride teaches athletes how to take control. They gain:

  • Problem-Solving
  • Social Awareness
  • Self-Dependence
  • Motivation
  • Accountability

Stride supports healthier connections between (1) athletes and (2) coaches and administrators.

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The Right Data

Capture, store and process training data and other coach-athlete interactions in a FERPA compliant environment. Users analyze their data; gain new perspectives; hold themselves accountable.

The Right Workflow

Use any devise: desktop, laptop, phone, or tablet. Automated workflow organizes real-world, everyday actions. Dropdown menus, character limits, and even time limits minimize screen-time.

Selected Features

Practice Plans and Timelines

Use templates to build sport-specific practices. Create practice timelines from a library of customized segments.

All-In-One Calendar

View and manage your complete workflow in one easy location.

Multiplatform Accessibility

Work on your desktop, laptop, phone, or tablet—however you prefer.

Blended Training

Organize in-person and remote practices for coaches and athletes.

Organizational Oversight

Supervisors oversee coaches. Coaches oversee athletes. Athletes focus on individual achievement.

Learning Paths

Set goals. Measure progress. Gain meaningful insight.

Realtime Reporting and Analytics

Assess athletes and coaches. Evaluate practices and competitions. Track attendance and countable hours.

Safe Communication

Monitor all team chat conversations.

Push Notifications

Stay informed on important tasks.


Find relevant information quickly and efficiently.


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