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Stride builds stronger, safer and more successful programs. Our all-in-one solution seamlessly connects all learning experiences.

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As a Leader of Your Organization

You manage a lot on any given day

  • You rely on different platforms to keep track of learning experiences.
  • You worry about unsafe communication and negative interactions.
  • You spend your time on the phone, in meetings, tracking down individuals for information, and fielding questions and requests.

Stride helps you accomplish more

  • You oversee and evaluate all learning experiences in one place.
  • You monitor all forms of communication, ensuring safety and transparency.
  • You stay informed and more engaged with your organization’s learning experiences, make smarter decisions, and free up time in your day.

Who is a Supervisor?

A supervisor is anyone who oversees an organization or performs duties on an organizational level. Examples include counselor, administrator, performance director, athletic director, compliance officer, operations director, and executive director.

Supervisors on Stride oversee learning experiences; manage staff and rosters; and generate performance reports.

You Solve Inefficiencies

We remove harmful information silos. Individuals and teams work efficiently and align expectations. We integrate data across the entire organization. We cover all aspects of individual and team learning experiences: (1) instruction, (2) collaboration, (3) communication, and (4) evaluation.

You Maintain Control

We help supervisors address outside influences, information gaps, and unfulfilled students. Leaders make better decisions, faster; establish common ground; free up time in their workday.

You Support Independent Work

Capacity constraints, vacations, or simple preferences impact group configurations. We support individuals working on their own and contributing to group success. You focus everyone on the task at hand.

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