Author: Sydney Williams

The Mentor-Student Advantage

The most successful educators navigate the learning process by developing mentor-student relationships. Constructive interactions produce powerful outcomes. Miscommunications, mismatched expectations, or mistrust can put the success of the relationships—and the institution itself—at risk. Mentors support and guide student development. Mentors include teachers, instructors, advisors, leaders, and coaches. Students are pupils, mentees and learners generally. They can be any age. Students […]

Journaling and Mental Health

Mental health issues weigh heavily on high school students. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, nearly a third of adolescents experience a mental health disorder at some point during their high school years. Here at Stride, more than a few school leaders have told us that mental health isn’t just an important point of concern—it’s become the only point […]

The Brave New World of High School Sports

Months after Covid-19 shutdowns overturned our lives, people continue to ask big questions. What’s normal supposed to look like? Which trends are here to stay? In the world of high school athletics, the answers to these questions will prove critical over the coming years. Two trends in particular point to major shifts on the playing field: tighter financial conditions and […]

Practice Planning & Game Preparation (Making Strides Episode 1)

Welcome to the online roundtable series Making Strides. Our debut episode brings together two winning high school football coaches to discuss practice planning and game preparation. Participants: Ryan Goddard, Head Football Coach, Pueblo South High School (Colorado) Jake Novotny, Head Football Coach, Fort Carson High School (Colorado) Hosts: Brian Vecchio, Stride Justin Armour, Stride Segments: “Take us through a typical week.” […]

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